• Our Operations Team

    Amelia Clark

    Financial Advisor

    Seal Rock Partners

    Yale University


    Meghan Harris

    Donation Coordinator

    501 Auctions

    Julianna Miller

    Outreach Coordinator

    ReThink Food

    Manhattan College

    Jake Miller

    Food Donation Coordinator

    Cornell University

    Sarah Munger

    Special Project Manager

    Northwestern University

    Jacob Rosette


    Rethink Food

    Alex Sorenson

    Product Development

    Rethink Food

    Marta Variara

    Chef Coordinator

    University of Siena

    Alexandra Donovan

    Design Coordinator

    Cornell University

    Candice Lopez

    Social Media Coordinator


    Kyle Braak

    Lead Software Engineer

  • Our Board and Leadership

    Matt Jozwiak

    Executive Director and Founder

    Evelyn Kim Phd

    Chair and co-founder

    ReThink Food

    Harvard University


    Dominique Day

    Legal Director

    Harvard University

    Stanford Law

    Laurna Kinnel


    University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

    Marquette Law

    Pietro Collina

    Social Equity Director

    Culinary Institute of America

    The Nomad Bar Director

    Robert Jozwiak


    University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

    Retired Fairbanks Scales



    Events Director

    The Nomad

    Will Guidara


    Make it Nice

    Cornell University

    Daniel Humm


    Make it Nice

    Winston Chiu

    Culinary Director


  • Our Advisory Board

    Angel Veza - ReFED

    Alex Plotkin - Tovala

    Kim Liebman - Health Policy

    Lee Kowarksi - James Beard

    Mag Savage - Edible

    Michele Vieira - San Pellegrino


    Jeff Brotman - Legal Consultant

    Bill Fradin - Seal Rock Partners

    Arielle Johnson - MIT Media Lab

    Dalia Jurgensen - ICE

    Sabrina Saxton - ICE