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    Career Opportunities

    sustainability associate

    Rethink is looking for a dedicated, creative, mission-driven Sustainability Associate to support our operations by onboarding new food donors, consulting our food donors on food excess management and donation facilitation, logging incoming food and product, maintaining records, and developing educational materials for sustainable kitchen management and food donation.

    For more information on this position, click here!


    Reach out to sarahm@rethinkfood.nyc to apply!

    Volunteer Opportunities

    food rescue route

    For those looking to gain experience with food rescue, Rethink will be taking over a route from Rescuing Leftover Cuisine this spring, picking food up from an office in DUMBO and bringing the food to our facility in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.


    We need volunteers to pick up the food Thursdays at 4pm in DUMBO and bring it to Rethink. You will also get an intro and tour of our facility! We need a LEAD VOLUNTEER to assist in the coordination of this route.


    Email annas@rethinkfood.nyc to learn more!

    Sponsor a staple pantry item

    help rethink's mission

    Rethink is offering the opportunity to sponsor a staple pantry item that our culinary team uses in combination with the excess food we receive to create complete meals!


    Food excess is a massive problem, and Rethink is working to onboard as many new food donors as we can logistically handle. If you believe in our mission and are enthusiastic about helping Rethink grow, we have developed this opportunity as a means of fulfilling the basic needs our kitchen has, and giving donors a tangible destination of their contributions.


    Reach out to annas@rethinkfood.nyc in order to receive our culinary team's "wishlist" of staple food items (i.e. potatoes, salt, oils, etc.) along with what it costs our kitchen on a monthly basis to purchase these items. You will be given the choice of what items you would like to help sponsor in order to assist in the creation and distribution of complete meals!

    Internship Opportunities

    Summer 2019 culinary intern

    Rethink Food NYC is seeking a culinary intern to join the team and support our mission to utilize excess food for those in need for summer 2019.


    The role of the culinary intern is to support our kitchen operations by organizing all incoming food and product, maintaining cleanliness and order in the kitchen, prepping and finishing the food, packaging, and labeling, and assisting in drop-offs and pick-ups. The culinary intern must have an interest in teamwork environments, problem-solving, and social justice through equitable food systems.

    Email annas@rethinkfood.nyc to learn more!