volunteer with Rethink

At Rethink, we provide a unique volunteer program that embodies the environment all Rethink team members experience,  including mission-driven opportunities to develop skills you can take with you into your professional career. We see our volunteer as a chance to "rethink" the importance of volunteer contributions, have a true impact on the work we do, and provide equitable and accessible opportunities for all.

As a volunteer, you're part of the Rethink family! We host regular volunteer appreciation events, and include our volunteers in day-to-day operations as well as our many special events. We're always looking for passionate individuals to get involved --  please email taylors@rethinkfood.nyc to learn more.

volunteer groups

Site Visit to Rethink Food NYC at the Brooklyn Navy Yard (Group of 5-9)

This visit is an opportunity to take a peek at the facility where Rethink accepts, sorts, processes, and distributes the food we collect from Conrad Hotel. This opportunity will entail a tour of our kitchen and truck operations, as well as a presentation and Q&A session with the Rethink team. Bring your questions! We're here to provide a transparent idea of how Rethink operates!

Soup Kitchen Service With Rethink Distribution Partner (Max of 10)

We currently offer volunteer opportunities at our community partner organization Neighbors Together.

Rethink partners with Neighbors Together to support the operations of their Community Cafe. While Neighbors Together receives contributions at the Local, State, and Federal level, they find that this still doesn’t consistently amount to enough high-quality food to serve the over 10,000 diners they see each year.

Volunteers can expect a day at Neighbors Together to consist of a brief orientation to the organization and the space, an experience preparing and serving the food (including interacting with diners and observing the feedback), and clean up assistance after the meal. Meals are served in the cafe Monday-Thursday for lunch and dinner service.

Chef-Driven Food Prep + Distribution Day (Max of 5-6)

Who: Your Chef team

Where: The drop off locations of one of our community partners, North Brooklyn Angels, in the Williamsburg area

When: During a weekday, lunch service.

What: The production of a meal using Rethink's methods that we (you+us) would then distribute to community members.

Often times in the history of salvaging food excess and feeding those in need, the food that is served to those that are without is not delicious, well-prepared, nutritious, or at times, even safe to consume. We would love to coordinate a timeline that works with your busy schedule so that you may help us to highlight the top-shelf, chef-powered, culinary excellence and safety of our food. We envision this to encapsulate specific food excess from your restaurant that you plan into a meal, which is then prepared by our team, and finally distributed using your help to our community member diners.


Monday (10am-3pm):

Less hands on/no culinary background needed. Spend the day helping us to sort through the food we receive each evening from our food purveyors, getting to know our team, prepping ingredients, picking herbs, cutting bread, and stepping into the shoes of a Rethink cook! We'll also provide you with staff meal!

Thursday (8am-4pm)/Friday (12pm-7pm):

Culinary experienced volunteers/culinary students. Help Rethink chefs by sorting purees, organizing mis en place, build sauces, and even assist in menu prep! This opportunity is more involved and therefore consists of a whole day. Staff meal included!

other individual opportunities

We offer opportunities with our distribution partners, which are available during lunch, evenings, and weekends! Additionally, we have chances to get involved depending on your background or skillset. This conversations happen on a project-by-project basis! Reach out to Anna for more information: taylors@rethinkfood.nyc