Cheers to a New Food Source!

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At Rethink, we pride ourselves in our ability to take virtually any high-end restaurant leftover and process it into a nutritious, ready-to-eat meal for someone in need. Recently, we've taken an even bolder step in that direction by expanding the concept of sustainability into a whole new food group: beer.

Back in April, we launched our first product, 'Rethink Beer,’ with Evil Twin Brewing and The NoMad Bar. Today, August 2nd, marks the highly anticipated release of our 2nd limited edition beer. This time around, Evil Twin Brewing and Rethink have teamed up with Soho House to develop a beer that not only tastes good but utilizes two excess food sources: spent grain from a batch of Evil Twin Brewing NYC DIPA and rinds from citrus juices made by Soho House. And no, we're not planning to add beer to the menu we offer our regular diners, but we have caught on to the idea of cultivating a new source of sustainability — in the form of a new revenue source.

Far from being off-base to our core mission, Rethink Beer follows the Rethink blueprint by manufacturing, branding, and distributing a product at virtually zero cost to us and with a very short lead time. Selling it to the public launches a newfound stream of revenue that will allow us to boost our income, while simultaneously enabling us to become less dependent on outside contributions. Too often we see well-intentioned nonprofits slow down or fail because they become too reliant on private donations and grants. Money which should be used to carry out an organization's primary mission ends up being spent on fundraising and other various overhead costs.

We aim to change this equation by focusing on the shortest way to a common goal. Our path towards self-sufficiency is not meant to deter donors, but resemble at least in part a determined startup that aims to stay in business. And like any good business, we see our product as free advertising to curious buyers who themselves may become donors. Indeed, the launch of the Rethink Beer marks the first of many products we plan to introduce over the next few years. Given all the access we have today to unused food, the options are limitless.

So please, give Rethink Beer a try when it hits Soho Houses nationwide later this month and be sure to let us know what product line ideas you’d like to see us tap into next!