Why We're Writing a Blog

Whether it’s a five-minute intro call with a prospective volunteer or a formal business lunch with a corporate sponsor, every conversation at Rethink begins with the simple prompt: “the purpose of this meeting is to...” Only by outlining expectations clearly and concisely can we expect to reach our desired outcomes. The more we grow, the more complicated the challenges we face become. But as long as we are able to break down a given project or problem into something simple and actionable, no task is too big; no dilemma too daunting. Boil it down and you’ll find that virtually every email, event, and phone call taking place at Rethink is intended to help achieve one of two goals: creating meals and raising money to make meals. Take for example our Instagram page. We use this platform to provide updates about the latest happenings at Rethink so that we can raise awareness in a cost-effective manner and keep our existing donor base engaged.

Recently though, we’ve realized that something is missing. As an organization that prides itself on transparency, we feel the time has come to step up our progress sharing game. So, we’ve decided to launch this blog. Like any other topic of conversation at Rethink, we took a clear and simple approach to transform an idea from concept to reality. Just last week, the team hopped on a conference call that began with the words: “The purpose of this meeting is to hammer out the expectations and responsibilities of the Rethink blog.” Essentially, this blog will serve as a model for other organizations who want to do what we’re doing. We want to develop a toolkit full of free, open-source information on the lessons we’ve learned.

Having developed a streamlined technique for picking up excess food and processing it into ready-to-eat meals, Rethink has tapped into something that has the ability to change the world. But widespread change will only ensue once we begin sharing our ever growing artillery of knowledge with outsiders. By detailing our ups and downs in a blog format, we believe that we will be able to increase our reach and, ultimately, empower others to start enacting change within their own communities. Knowledge is power and in this case, the information we plan to share through this blog will give readers the power to reduce excess and create meals for those in need. So be sure to stay tuned for our bi-monthly posts so that you can to get the inside scoop on everything from food safety to fundraising. And remember, not all superheroes wear capes. Some of them read blogs and take action accordingly.